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Flame Cutting:

With 24 CNC controlled flame cutting torches available, Prime is positioned to handle all your order needs. Tables capable of cutting over 40' ensure you will get the most production at any given time. We continually add and upgrade our technology to keep up with todays high production standards without sacrificing the quality we have come to be known for.
Band Saw Cutting:

Fully automated bandsaws enable us to reproduce accuracy on a consistent basis. Add the ability to cut at angles of up to 45 Degrees and we are ready to produce precision workpieces without adding high cost. With a 16" Diameter capacity, our bandsaws allow high volume cuts, reducing cost and we pass those savings on to our customers.
Plasma Cutting:

Utilizing the latest in technology, we offer precision plasma cutting without increasing the cost to our customers. Used as a way to provide better service and productivity, we can process higher volumes on Mild Steel ranging up to 1" if flame cutting is not desired. We also offer Stainless Steel and Aluminum Cutting up to 3/4" Thick. With positioning accuracy of +/- .004", you can rest assured that you will get the quality parts you are looking for.


In House Cad Drawing:

Whether, you have a print with dimensions or a disk with a drawing, we can process various types of media. From DWG files to DXF and DRW's, we have the software to turn those drawings into the shapes you require. Need to see what the part will look like before it gets cut, no problem! We can show you what the workpiece looks like from our software as the machines will cut it.

Media Blasting:

Complimenting our saw cutting is a Media Blasting Cabinet. We use Aluminum Oxide in our blasting cabinet along side our reclaiming system to provide lower overhead and better efficiency. A work are of 48"L x 48"W x 40"H gives us the added ability of loading our unit with multiple pieces to reduce loading labor. Welding plates and pipe? Let us provide your materials ready for fabrication!
Mig Welding:

We offer simple mig welding utilizing our Miller 302 welding machines in copper or higher tensile outer shield wire. Whatever project you are undertaking, we want to help you obtain the best results possible. 

Drilling and Punching:

We understand the requirements for jobs often differ. If flame cut holes are not acceptable, no problem! We offer drilling and punching as an alternative. Using the top of the line equipment, we provide fast turn around times even when faced with added requirements.
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